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Physical inspection

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Car Inspection – Why? provides you with detailed information regarding the health of the vehicle you wish to purchase that will help you avoid incurring a major loss. Inspecting a car helps to estimate its real market worth.

We check 248 points of your car/s therefore every aspect of the vehicle, the engine, chassis, gear-box / transmission, the body, paint, accident damage, rust, cosmetics, fluids, service history, odometer and so on is documented by our experts. As well as a comprehensive report (see example above) our clients receive over 40-60 photos and a video taken by our mechanics that will highlight the car’s issues (if any) during the inspection. You can also request specific points to examine, for example if you were looking to buy a 2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia you could request to thoroughly check the gearbox and clutch. will conduct the inspection at your desired place & time with only a days notice and provide your inspection report back within 6 hours from the time of completion all from the comfort of your home.